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Tie Dye Information

Are the beads included with adjustable masks?

Yes! Every adjustable mask comes with 2 matching glass beads.  We cannot take bead color requests.

How do I turn my mask into an adjustable necklace?

CLICK HERE to watch a video tutorial! You can turn the ties on your mask into adjustable straps using the 2 provided beads.  Slide the 2 left ties through one bead and the 2 right ties through the other bead! PINCH the 2 ends together and TWIST them through the bead, until just enough is peaking through and then pull the ties all the way through the bead. You can then tie the 4 strap ends together at the top to turn your mask into a hanging necklace!

What is your return policy?

Unfortunately we do not accept any returns.

What is the best way to wash/dry my tie dye items?

All items have been washed (on cold with unscented free & gentle Tide detergent) once and dried (on high heat in a dryer) once.  We recommend washing each item on cold by themselves for the first 1-2 washes, to avoid dye bleeding.  We also love Shout Color Catchers!  You can throw one in the wash with your items to help absorb any bleeding dye.  You can dry on normal/automatic high heat.  For masks, we recommend washing in a small mesh lingerie bag or on a gentle cycle.  You can even keep the beads on!

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